How Much Is Your Grief Costing You?

Imagine how it would feel to find peace and vibrancy.

Introducing Rise Back Into Life Healing Program

The step by step healing program that will help you to feel fully alive and engaged with your life again without experiencing intrusive thoughts and the crushing feeling of grief.

Statistics Tell Me This...

Did you know that 1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage and over 25% of those women experience PTSD, depression, or anxiety for 9 months following the loss?

So if you are a woman who has had a miscarriage there is a high chance that you are dealing with post-miscarriage PTSD, depression, or anxiety and from personal experience, it has the potential to have devasting impacts on your career, relationships, and life if you don't seek support and healing. I was shocked when I saw that such a huge percentage of women who have experienced a pregnancy loss will potentially end their relationship with their partner, lose their jobs following a miscarriage, or live a life with a cloud of anxiety and depression instead of seeking joy and happiness. I can help...

Let Me Guess How Things Are Like In Your Life Now

  • Do you experience intrusive thoughts?

  • Maybe you find yourself pulling away from your friends and family?

  • Or perhaps you are experiencing brain fog or nightmares about your miscarriage?

I can totally relate because that was exactly how my life was like 5 years ago

Just like you, I was experiencing intrusive thoughts and was pulling away from my friends, family, and my job. 

years ago, I was going through the motions of my life but I wasn’t fully engaged and didn’t feel a sense of connection to anything, including myself.

After experiencing six miscarriages, one of them resulting in a D&C, I felt myself hiding from my life.  I was living in fear and anxiety of how the next pregnancy would turn out and what I would do if I lost that one.  I kept thinking that if I could just get pregnant again and keep that pregnancy, all of this pain would disappear.  I never took the time to heal and grieve.  

Years later I noticed that I still wasn’t engaged in my life and that I missed the vibrant person I knew I was.  It was then that I realized that I needed to properly heal from the trauma of my miscarriages.  I became a Life Coach and started researching and taking classes on grief and how to effectively heal.

It was tough.... but thankfully, I managed to turn things around, and find a sense of peace as well as my vibrancy and joy for life again. I was more connected with my husband and most importantly, I was connected with myself and my values.

What If I Told You You Could Find that Vibrancy?

Yes, you can now feel alive again without having to feel anger and resentment.

Before you start exclaiming, ‘that’s impossible!”... hear me out. Through a combination of research, coaching experience, grief classes, and my own experience I have discovered how women who are feeling stuck in their grief can now rise out of the pain and feel fulfillment. It took me a couple of years of coaching and hundreds of conversations with other women to refine the program, but we finally did it. My Secret?... I have combined the skills and methods of coaching with the science of healing from trauma and grief and have created a seven-week healing program. I can help you to feel fully alive and engaged again, just like how I’ve helped hundreds of other women just like you.

Shannon Passalacqua Who?

Hey, I'm Shannon! The Rise Back to Life Healing Program took me over 2 years to put together… 

Here’s more about me and why I’m qualified to help you heal! 

  • Creator of the Miscarriage Warrior App 

  • Over two years of  helping women connect with their joy

  • Received my BS in Psychology at the University of Colorado

  • I am a Certified High-Performance Life Coach

  • I am featured on the Reproductive Science Center website, the Fiercely Brilliant Podcast as well as the Healthy Heroes Podcast

  • I have created and used this Healing Program myself and have found the spark for life again.

Some other fun facts: I am a former special ed teacher who loves to read research papers. During my free time, I love to be in nature, run and go paddleboarding.  My family and being my best self is the most important thing to me. 

I am ready to be your coach and advocate along your healing journey.

Are You Ready To Take Action?

Does The Rise Back Into Life Healing Program Work?

Here Is What Some Of My Clients Had To Say

Does The Rise Back Into Life Healing Program Work?

Here Is What Some Of My Clients Had To Say

I lost my baby back in March and have been working through my grief with Shannon. It has been hard and finding the progress has been difficult for me to acknowledge through the remaining pain and grief. My husband and I went camping this past weekend, something that we love to do! My due date was September and as it approaches my baby is on my mind more than ever. As we were camping, we saw a little girl doing something comical and my husband and I started laughing. My laughter quickly turned to tears and I realized I won't be getting those comical moments with my child in September. Right at that moment, I was able to use some learned coping skills and my husband knew exactly how to comfort me! Both of those things were learned from the healing program. After it was all said and done, I was proud of how my husband and myself handled that moment. The grief will never go away, but learning how to deal with the hard moments, helped make that situation go from what would have been a hard day, into a hard moment. I’m thankful to know that I can still grieve my baby and still find some joy in my life. I’m thankful for Shannon" - Lauren
“This program has shown me that I am much more capable than I had given myself credit for.  I have also learned how dynamic grief is but that I now have the tools to process it and to start moving forward”- Stephanie

“This program is absolutely amazing.  I went into it feeling skeptical but with each session, I felt like I was becoming more centered, present, and finding the inner joy that I had prior to my losses.  I am now in such a better headspace and my family and friends have noticed.  I recently became pregnant again and thanks to Shannon, I am having less anxiety and worrying less.  Whatever the outcome of this pregnancy, I know that I will be at peace and I will be okay. Thank you so much.” - Melanie
“There are not enough words to say ‘Thank you’. This coaching experience has been nothing short of profound and amazing.  Thanks for making such a difference in my life.” -Eliza

Find Your Joy, Or Get Your Money Back

I am 100% confident that The Rise Back Into Life Healing Program will give you everything you need to heal and find fulfillment after a miscarriage.

If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason whatsoever, contact me at within 60 days for a full refund. All the risk is on me!

What’s Stopping You?

  • Even if you feel like you are completely alone in your grief

  • Even if you are are angry at your body or are blaming yourself for this loss (even though there is nothing you could have done to cause this)

  • Even if you feel completely stuck and like no one understands what you are going through

The Rise Back Into Life Healing Program Can STILL help You.

In fact, I’ve helped many others who were exactly like you, including myself. This is because I know what you are feeling and have been where you are and have used my experience as well as my coaching and psychology degree to create this program. So what are you waiting for?

Are you ready to HEAL with The Rise Back Into Life Healing Program?

You will get everything you need to start the process of healing after a miscarriage.